History Of Blackjack

The history of blackjack is very mysterious and old and hence one cannot pinpoint a certain time period, when it was started. Its origins are also unknown. A lot of people believe that the history of blackjack had started in France. In France, in the seventeenth century, the game vingt et un became very popular. The translation of vingt et un means twenty one and that is why a lot of people draw the conclusion that it was the ancestor of blackjack. One cannot be sure whether the history of blackjack started with this game, but one can be fairly certain that this is the game on which modern blackjack is based.

The history of blackjack will tell you that rules of blackjack and Vingt et Un differed but in the essence, these two games were one and the same. In Vingt et n the betting pattern was different. The players are allowed to bet after each round and the dealer had the option to only double. But the history of blackjack will also tell you that the basic goal of vingt et en and modern day blackjack was the same. The players had to reach a total of twenty one points.

Obtain a free bonus deal for signing-up at the the casinojeux.com portal! Visit the jeux de casino en ligne site now! The history of blackjack will also reveal how blackjack got its name. this name is derived from the special payout that was made in vingt et un. A player would receive a special payout if he achieved twenty points with the help of a jack and an ace. Thus it was called black jack. Even today a picture card and ace are the best hands that ensure that a player wins. The history of blackjack will also remind you that blackjack also has some similarities to the game called as Seven and a half that was played in Italy. So this was in short the history of blackjack.